What’s the Best Social Media Platform for my Business?

I get asked this question constantly by clients and even by friends in small business. There’s one definitive answer: the one you actually put work into.

No social media platform is going to gain you instant success. It’s the equivalent to buying a workout program or diet plan and hoping you’ll magically be in shape – it just doesn’t work that way. It all requires hard work and a lot of maintenance (just like fitness!)


However, there are ways to determine which social platforms are best for you to invest your time in. I’m not going to go into every single social platform available, but I will break down the 6 most popular and most relevant at this time.

Facebook is kind of the king of social media. A lot of people want to hate on the king and tell him that the monarchy has no place in modern society, but those people are wrong. Facebook still generates thousands of new users a day, and has one of the highest engagement of users ever. It’s stood the test of time (unlike it’s predecessor, MySpace), and best of all – almost all demographics are using it (age, gender, social status, political standpoint). Almost all businesses can benefit from a Facebook presence.

Instagram is top visual real estate in my mind. Gorgeous photos that tell a story work well on the ‘Gram. If your brand is highly visual (any type of styling, design, fashion or other products), Instagram is the place for you.

I downloaded Snapchat over 4 years ago, and deleted it after about a month. It offered nothing of interest to me. NOW, they’ve really upped their game. There’s a lot to be said for the location tags you can buy for your event or even the Snap Stories of certain locations or events (like the Kentucky Derby). Plus, Snapchat ONLY allows you to upload in the app, so if you’re looking to convey real-time-real-life events or happenings, Snapchat is right up your alley.

YouTube is the modern day self help book. I’ve learned everything from how to prune my rose bushes properly, to creating costume make up on Halloween, to rebuilding an engine (that was my husband, not me!) on YouTube. If you’re in any way teaching or explaining something, start YouTubing. It’s a great way to get your name out there and show off your skills!

Twitter continues to be a great source for two things: news and customer service. Knowing I can chat with an airline representative to rebook my flight is GOLDEN to me as a consumer. If you handle a lot of customer service requests, real-time answering via Twitter is a great resource. Twitter also remains a great place to connect with other businesses in your space because the #hashtag system is so well oiled.

What was once just a place to plan your wedding or baby shower, has become a vast resource for beauty and information. Advice is quickly taken on Pinterest (‘How to Pack in a Carry On for One Month’ or ‘How to Remove Wine Stains from Carpet’) and can draw a crowd in for an article or blog post. There needs to be a place to redirect these posts, so a blog-type format must exist for Pinterest to benefit you.

Choose one – or choose all 6! Just remember, the best social platform is the one that not only gets you in front of a potential customer often, but also draws them in for more. By selecting the social platforms you enjoy and feel you have great content for, your brand will flourish. Remember, social strategy is a journey, not a destination :)

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